Our Partners

Uni Solar
United Solar, the global manufacturer of UNI-SOLAR® lightweight, flexible solar products, is a leader in building-integrated and rooftop photovoltaics (PV) for over 25 years. Headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, the company holds over 70 U.S. patents for its proprietary technology which convert sunlight into clean, renewable energy. UNI-SOLAR® brand products are unique because of their flexibility, light weight, ease of installation, durability, and real-world energy production.

As of January 2012, Polymeur Sun Singapore is honored to be UNI-SOLAR’s Business Alliance Partner. Polymeur Sun Singapore promotes and sells UNI-SOLAR  solar PV products solely and exclusively for commercial solar rooftop projects throughout Malaysia and Singapore.

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Ascent Solar
Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc, headquartered in Thornton, Colarado, is a developer of thin-film CIGS photovoltaic modules, with substrate materials that are more flexible and affordable than most traditional solar panels. Ascent Solar's ground breaking solar technology delivers the highest efficiency rates available. They are the only manufacturer of thin-film CIGS on plastic substrate, which provides unprecedented flexibility and lightweight advantages.

These lightweight flexible modules can be directly integrated into standard building materials, space satellite applications, consumer electronics for portable power or configured as stand-alone modules for large scale terrestrial deployment.

On 1st Feb 2011, Ascent Solar Technologies appointed Polymeur Sun Singapore Pte Ltd as an Authorized Reseller of her lightweight, flexible, high-power thin-film CIGS modules for building integrated (BIPV), and portable power solutions in Singapore and Malaysia.

The agreement with Polymeur Sun gives Ascent Solar access to multiple segments in Southeast Asia's developing solar market, including direct application to building materials for both grid-connected and off-grid solutions.

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Fuji Electric
Fuji Electric headquartered in Ohsaki Shinagawa-ku Tokyo, has created a number of new businesses during the nearly 90 years, since her founding. The multinational organization now aims to become a leading-edge company in "energy and environment" by building a core platform of five technology fields: Electrical- Energy, Industrial Systems, Social Systems, Power Electronics and Electronic Devices.

In 2006, Fuji Electric started the operation of solar cell factory in Kumamoto prefecture and began mass production of its flexible amorphous solar cells on a plastic substrate (Fwave), first of its kind during that time. The business has since grown and particularly in Japan and Europe, Fuji's amorphous silicon flexible modules are used in large scale grid-tie projects.

Polymeur Sun Singapore is privileged to cooperate with Fuji Electric, in bringing her technology to Singapore in Dec 2010. FWave flexible modules have since proven its outstanding energy yield performance, able to generate useful energy under low light condition and are less susceptible to temperature changes.

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Konarka, headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts, is recognized throughout the world as a leader in OPV (Organic Photovoltaic) technology – a 3rd generation solar technology that is rapidly emerging to compete with silicon based 1st and 2nd generation solar technologies. The company holds over 350 patents and filings covering every aspect of our proprietary chemistry and processes. Their current research efforts are exploring exciting new OPV chemistries as well as advances to our existing technology that will produce greater power output at a lower cost in the future.

At the heart of Konarka's technology is a photo-reactive polymer material invented by Konarka co-founder and Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Alan Heeger. This proprietary material can be printed or coated inexpensively onto flexible substrates using roll-to-roll manufacturing, similar to the way newspaper is printed on large rolls of paper.

Polymeur Sun Singapore has been marketing the Konarka proprietary OPV technology since 2009 in Singapore, and several test pilot projects have been installed with positive results.

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